Peace of Mind through Decision Coaching

I recently counseled a family who had inherited some personal items, jewelry, art, furniture and such from a deceased parent. The family was too emotionally attached to certain objects. It became an overwhelming and impossible challenge for the children to decide who should get which items. They didn't want to argue or have negative feelings, so we came up with round robin system that worked for everyone.

Another woman came to me because she wanted to make changes to her estate plan but couldn't sort out how to reconcile her wishes with her desire to make everyone happy. I spent some time with her, breaking down each of her choices, and sorting out her wishes.

That doesn't sound like mediation!

Mediation is a form of conflict resolution. Conflict isn't just a disagreement - it can be as small as a decision. When we can't make up our minds about something, we say we are "conflicted," right? Indecision is a conflict! It's just a different type of conflict - an internal one, between 2 or more choices. This is what decision coaching is all about - helping individuals or couples mediate these internal conflicts.

Stress hampers our ability to think clearly and make choices. Then indecision causes more stress, and thinking gets even more difficult!

Tired of going around in circles?

This can leave you feeling stuck or waffling between choices. Decision coaching can help you work through it; one step at a time.

Decision coaching is particularly useful in estate planning and disability planning, where there are so very many decisions to be made that impact your family's future. Those decisions can often be emotional and stressful. Decision coaching is a great way to help not only to clarify your wishes, but to successfully communicate those wishes to your family, your attorney, and others who may be assisting you.

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